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Visual Services

Our lives are full of beautiful moments, and nothing makes me happier than capturing them for you. No matter what you are looking to capture, I’d love to help bring it to life visually! Every shoot is customized based on your specific needs, so shoot me a note on the contact form with what you are looking to capture!



Whether you are getting married, having a birthday party, celebrating a business event, or adding to your family, if there is a large event you want to capture forever, i'm here for you! These shoots typically result in 25+ High Quality Photos or 3-5 minute videos captured over a 6 hour period, and typically start around $3,000. 

Events also typically include a private session like engagement or baby photos as well!​ 


These are perfect for family shoots, engagement photos, real estate, and boudoir. Typically these are about 2 hours sessions that generate 6-12 high quality photos, or 30 second videos, and typically start around $500. 

Mini Session

These are perfect if you want a next level headshot, a couple images to throw on a dating app, or just want one new picture of the family.  Mini sessions are typically scheduled for one hour and include 1-5 high quality photos and start at $250.

I can't wait to learn more about you and the moments you are looking to capture! All of my sessions are individually priced based on the specifics of your project, so shoot me a note here to learn more:

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